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Posted by Sonia at 4:25 AM
I belong to a large family.I'm third from the eldest.I got 3 brothers and 2 sisters.This because my father got 1 brother and no sister.While on my mother side only 2 sisters and a 1 brother.Both of them agreed to have many children.
My parents came from different parts of Cebu ,Philippines.My father was from Carcar which is southern part of Cebu,now called Carcar City.It is 40 kms away from Cebu City.While mother came from Bogo which is in northern part of Cebu, now called Bogo City.It is 101 kms away from Cebu City.

When my mother gave birth to me my father is already working as a doctor .We live in Labangon Tres,Cebu City. Working as a doctor in one of the passenger shipping in Cebu City,my father's salary is not enough.My father decided to apply as doctor in one of the government hospital in Cebu City.My father's 1st assignment is not in Cebu City.He was assigned in the hospital in Baybay,Leyte.So ,our family move there .My father worked there for 5 yrs.My grandfather on my father side at that time still working as a school principal but my grandmother just recently retired as elementary school teacher .My grandmother are yrs.older on my grandfather.When my grandparents visited us they asked a favor from my parents. That me, my elder sister and elder brother will go to private school in Carcar for the reason they got lonely without my father and his brother live with them. .At that time my sis Clarissa and my brother Roy left with my parents.Eventhough we are with my grandparents but my parents paid for school tuition ,allowance and other expenses.

I'm 5 yrs old at that time when my grandparents bring us to Carcar. They enrolled us in Saint Catherine's School now it is called Saint Catherine's College.During our time ,the one who managed the schools are Dominican Sisters most of them are foreigners not a filipino nuns.I study there from kindergarten to highschool .Most of my years are spent living with my grandparents.When I'm already in grade three my father was assigned to another hospital but this time back to Cebu but in the hometown of my mother. They moved back to Bogo ,Cebu.My parents visit us every now and then.vice-versa we go there during christmas and summer vacation.Me, and my elder sister Fe not so closed with our cousins on my mother side we don't grow up there .Lito , my elder brother was tranferred to school in Bogo .He had his 2nd year highschool until he graduated highschool.My 1 sister and 2 brothers grew there.

I'm so attached with my grandparents in my father side than on my mother side.Even on my college days mostly I went to home to Carcar than in Bogo.I always visited my grandparents. My grandfather died 1993 and my grandmother died 1998 .The love and care that my grandparents they gave to me will always treasured in my heart.Same time so thankful with my parents for supporting all my needs as well as my brothers and sisters as well as for our education. I graduated Oct.1993 with the degree in Bachelor on Elementary Education.I took the teacher's board May 1994 and knew the result Nov.1994 .I passed the teacher's board.At the time of the result I worked in Rustan's Department Store as sales associate in mens accessories department.That was my first job .I was hired a permanent teacher in DepEd Cebu City Division 1996 in one of the mountain schools in Cebu City.The following year I was transferred in one of school in Cebu City area.I'm teaching for 12 yrs.I even received a cash incentive .It is given to all government permanent teachers who reached 10 yrs in service.The last school year I was there is year 2007-2008.I received my notice for interview in US embassy ,Manila last week of April for fiance visa.I called US embassy .Manila for the schedule of interview.June 3,2008 is my schedule on my interview, then after 2 weeks I received the visa.I go to Manila last week of May for medical exam before the interview.I asked a favor from our school principal to make my absence of work for 3 months starting the opening of classes in June up to Sept. Before I left my interview in Manila.When I arrived from Manila then the incoming Monday is the opening classes.Monday I go to school to check if my leave of absence for 3 months was approved.I went to his office , he told me that it is not sign by our school district supervisor ,according to her that our division superintendent will not grant my personal leave of absence from work coz its the beginning of the school year.I asked the permission from our school principal to go to the division office to talked with our district supervisor.When I was in her office she told me ,go to the superintendent office talk about your leave of absence when she grant the said leave go back to me I will signed it.I was outside the 0ffice of the Superintendent since 8:30 am then waited for her until 5;30 pm .She go to the different schools in Cebu City Division since its the 1st day of class.Before I went home,I go inside her office talked to her secretary have an appointment with our supervisor the next day.Maybe her secretary noticed I was outside the office since morning.Her secretary so friendly and accomodating,she told me I put you appointment with her tomorrow morning before 8:00 am.The next day I go there before the said time.When I arrived there she already had a meeting with all the supervisors,so I waited again when her meeting is over. I was in her office at exactly 9:00 am ,I was accompanied by her secretary.I told her my purpose in having appointment with her regarding my leave of absence.She asked me why I don't file a resignation instead of personal leave.I explained to her my reasons.My leave of absence was approved.It takes two weeks before I received my permit to travel.All government employees are required to request permit to travel in their respective departments they worked for.Me,I got it from Department of Education, Region VII.I arrived here in Indiana July of 2008.We got married on Sept ,2008.My parents and sisters family was present on our wedding day.After my leave of absence up to the month of Sept.,2008.I filed my letter of resignaton .


shydub on February 5, 2010 at 7:38 PM said...

Good job inday, hala cgeha ug butang post aron ma success ta lol

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