Sunday, February 7, 2010

Printer Ink Cartridge Rebate

Posted by Sonia at 6:08 AM
Sunday's newpapers always included with lots of fliers from different stores here in Fort Wayne showing their best deals of the week.For me I consider it helpful to consumers because it provides information what's on their store ,the best deals they have for the week,prices reflected on fliers as well as their on sale products..So consumers are guided which store to go to get the best deal on the items they need to buy. I read from Staples fliers that you can bring your empty ink cartridge to their store ,1 empty ink cartridge is $ 3.00 rebate back to you in mail.Each households are allowed to bring at least 10 empty ink cartridges to Staples store once a month.Then ,you have to sign up for Staples Rewards Rebate.

First week of December 2009 our printer runs out of ink ,so we need to buy ink.I told my husband not to throw the 2 empty ink cartridges from our printer coz Staples Store will give $3.00 rebate each empty cartridge.We go to Staple Store to buy new sets of ink cartridges for our printer and bring with us the empty cartridges.My husband tell the cashier after paying that he will sign up on their store Reward Rebates for our 2 empty ink cartridges.The cashier told us that you will receive your rebates back within 4 to 6 weeks from now thru mail.For us it's just fine rather than throwing our empty cartridge in garbage.My husband received the rebate last 3rd week of January,2010 .The rebate is in Staples Check that you can use to purchase back in Staples Store.I just want to share our experience ink rebates.It's not that I'm advertising for Staples Store but you can check in your local stores where you live if they do the same.


shydub on February 7, 2010 at 12:19 PM said...

Its indeed helpful and great savings. Last year we bought a washer at Sears they didn't send us the rebate. bummer!

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